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St. Abrahams Lutheran Church Cemetery is privately owned and maintained by St. Abrahams Lutheran Church.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave your name and a phone number at 410-374-4726, or contact us by email and we will return your call you within 2 business days.  Thank you.   

   St Abrahams Lutheran Church

Cemetery Rules and Regulations



1.It shall always be understood that all persons holding lots in the cemetery are not in the legal sense owners of the lot but only have the right and privilege of burial therein. The property is and always shall remain in the possession of the Church, subject to these rules and regulations. It is understood that the price paid for the lot is an endowment for proper care of the cemetery.  Burial lots cannot be resold or transferred to another party other than the purchaser of the burial lot.


2.Monuments and the monument foundation must always be placed uniformly at the head of the lots only, subject to the direction of the cemetery superintendent. Cornerstones shall be placed upon the lots at the direction of the cemetery superintendent.


3.No shrubbery of any kind or blooming plants shall be planted on the lots in any part of the cemetery; but cut flowers, plotted plants, or artificial floral arrangements may be placed on the lots with the exception of April through November where they must be placed on the gravestone itself in order for the cemetery to be properly trimmed and mowed.


4.No glass containers, pinwheels, solar lights, flags, balloons, or adding additional rods to hold standing memorials may be installed.


5.No picnicking, leaving food or beverages, or camping on the cemetery or church property is permitted.


6.No heavy equipment or horses shall be permitted in the cemetery, except by permission of the cemetery superintendent.


7.Memorials will be removed by the cemetery staff monthly. Consideration will be given to items left for special holidays/remembrances (Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc). Flags will be placed on the gravesites of veterans by the local VFW on Memorial Day.


8.The cemetery superintendent shall employ a person or persons to open and close all graves. No repairs of grave sites are permitted. The cemetery superintendent will be responsible for the professional repairs and cleaning of all gravesites.


9.No lots shall be raised above the general level of the ground. The existing contour of the ground shall be maintained above ground burial is explicitly prohibited.


10.Subject to the authority of the members of the cemetery association, the cemetery superintendent shall be charged with the duty of the maintenance and upkeep.


11.The cemetery association shall have authority to make changes in these rules and formulate additional rules as occasion may require.

These rules are subject to change 

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