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Special Events & Outreach Events

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Rev. Matthew Schenning's Ordination

On Sunday, June 23rd, 2019, after weeks of planning to ensure this would stay a surprise, the planning committee was able to pull it off splendidly. Guests included attendees of the six churches that Pastor Matthew has presided over during the past 40 years. Please enjoy some of the photos of this special celebration for our beloved Pastor.

Lutheran Disaster Relief Fund (2018)

Once again, in an effort to assist the victims of the natural disasters that have occured this year, St. Abrahams donated the receipts of the Thanksgiving Eve Service to Lutheran Disaster Relief to assist those who were victims of national disasters.

Making Apple Butter to Feed the World! (2018)

Is there anything better than a generous dollop of old fashion apple butter on a biscuit or slice of bread? On a recent October weekend, friends and family of our little church gathered together to peel and slice bushels of apples and then cook it down into a succulent sauce resulting in 151 jars of apple butter. This was then sold to the community resulting in a profit of $660.00. These funds were then sent to the ELCA World Hunger Project to help provide and assist those in need. 

Thank-A-Teacher (2018)

Did you know that teachers spend an average of $297 out of their own pockets to purchase supplies and extras (lunch, field trip money, school supplies etc.) for their students? This year we wanted to celebrate and recognize the elementary school teachers in our congregation that put so much of their time and personal resources into providing not only an education for their students but also the little extras that some families may not be able to afford. Gift cards in appreciation were given to Janet Bosley, Kim Poffenbarger, and Jessica Grimm for their dedication to their students.

Hurricane Relief (2017)

Helping our Neighbors in Need!

After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, St. Abrahams collected a special offering and was happy to donate $1,330.00 to Lutheran Disaster Relief Fund to assist those affected by these storms.

In addition, the congregation joined in a project from UMCOR and purchased, assembled, and sent 9 Cleaning Buckets filled with necessary items to assist the recipients in the initial cleaning up efforts to get their lives back to normal.

Hens for Hunger Project! (2016)

A church project to benefit the ELCA World Hunger Program!

In 2016, the ELCA requested every congregation to come up with a new way, in addition to what was being done, to raise funds to combat World Hunger. We at St. Abraham came up with "Hens for Hunger." We purchased day old chicks from a hatchery and hand raised them. The eggs were then sold (and eventually the hens) to the community. Over $400 was raised and all proceeds were donated to the ELCA World Hunger Project. We would like to thank Thrivent for supporting our project with seed money!

For our efforts, St. Abrahams was awarded at the Del-Md Synod Conference in June 2016 the "Holly the Fighting Hunger Hen Award" for the most creative way to raise funds to highlight and fight hunger and was referenced in the Lutheran Magazine.

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