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While we are not able to hold our annual Memorial Day Service, we still want to honor those who have served and have passed on:

Donald Baublitz WW 2

James Blevins Korean

Paul Blevins WW 1

James Bosley Vietnam

Charles Calp WW2

Eugene Calp WW1

Clarence Canapp, Sr. WW2

Clarence Canapp, Jr. Korean

Wilbur R. Gemmill Korean

William Hoover WW2

Walter Hubbs WW2

Louis Knight WW2

Charles Lippy Cold War

Grayson Lippy WW2

Ellsworth Lohr WW2

Grover Lohr WW2

Clarence Malone, Jr. Korean

Joseph Norfolk Cold War

Charles Royston WW1

Abraham Shaver Revolutionary War

John Skipper Korean

Aelrod Smith WW2

Dennis Smith Vietnam

Richard E. Spies Vietnam

Charles Yaeger WW2

If you wish to make a contribution to our cemetery in honor of these servicemen for upkeep, please send to the Church 

% Cemetery Fund. 

Thank you.